Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I know it's been quiet around here for a few days..

BUT! Fear not, I will return with more outfits and what not very soon.
For today I'd like to share something with you that is very close to my heart..
A local DFW band called The Forgeries. I'm close friends with these guys, and before moving to Texas I did some booking and promotions for other bands, so it's really been weighing on my heart that I should step up and try to help them out. I'm currently racking my brain for ideas and getting in contact with so many different venues, and just doing everything that I know how.
So.. here's something else.. just a little promotion through my measly little blog, here. :)

This video is a photo montage (including photos that were taken by yours truly.. haha) of the band over the last two years to the their song "Burning Memories" that's on their debut album Cupid's Handgun. Unfortunately, they are not on iTunes just yet,  but if you would like a CD we can help you out through PayPal and the good ol' US Postal Service. Just 9.99 plus 2 dollars for shipping. Leave a comment and let me know! :) 

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  1. great posts....i love your outfit posts stop by my blog