Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here I am! Happy 2012!

Well, Hello there, new blog! 
I figured, what a better time to start a new one, than on New Year's Day?! I had a blog before, at Megan Loves, if you want to go check that out.. I'm going to leave it up for awhile longer in case anyone wants to go get a feel for what this one might be similar to. Although, I have decided that one of my goals for 2012 is to be more consistent. In everything. To keep a schedule, and do things when I say I'm going to do them. So that carries over into my blogging life, as well. And I was just feeling not motivated about Megan Loves anymore. It was just too.. generic. and boring. So here I am to start anew. 

I'm sure the only people who will be reading this for awhile will  be friends of mine that follow my links from Facebook. haha. But just in case, I'm going to use this first post to introduce myself a little bit.. and what better way than with my NYE pics from last night.. haha
 So, here I am with my fiance, Douglas. :) Our friends hosted a Masquerade Party last night. it was amazing! And I don't normally dress so fancy, but it was a special occasion, so I got a new dress. :)

Here's my first unofficial outfit photo.. hah. I couldn't find my tripod to take any earlier in the day, so this will work for now. That cute little girl in the red dress is my friend Emily, we work together, as do most of my friends... :) Since I didn't really take outfit photos of this.. I'm going to leave you with some random, fun party pics.

 Kat and Craig.. that's what happens with you hand your camera to someone and turn around for a minute.. hahah. 
Douglas, Me (Megan), Leslie, Matt, Robin and half of Darren's face. :) 

 Douglas (he's in most of these photos.. I don't know why... ;-) ) and Chitty
 The beautiful Courtnee, and her husband Brad
 Here's Douglas.. accosting Royce. 

Danciiiing.. until about 5 a.m. haha
YAY! Happy New Year! 

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