Wednesday, February 22, 2012

School Style

Yes, most days.. this is the best I can come up with right now. I could probably fall asleep right this second. Actually, I know I could.. And I still have studying to do. But anyway. Not important! This was my school outfit for today. I was rather pleased, despite it being such a basic look. I just did the math.. this whole outfit, including shoes and accessories cost me 60 bucks. Literally everything was bought on sale except for the shoes. Those I decided to go ahead and buy full price because everytime I went to Target I would stare longingly at them.. I mean.. c'mon..

They are the perfect way to add some interest to a jeans and tee outfit. I love the delicate floral print on them.. mainly I just love floral of any kind. It's a bit unhealthy.. I think. Both the necklace and ring were impulse buys at Target earlier today.. I decided they would fit right in with this look, and they were both on sale. So that clinched that decision for me.. 
Cardigan: Sears (On Sale: $4!)/Top: Sears (On Sale: $4!)/Jeans: Old Navy (On Sale about 6 years ago for $6!)/Shoes: Mossimo from Target ($12)/Ring and Necklace: Target ($4, $10! Respectively)/Purse: Thrifted Dooney and Burke. (Marked at $40, on sale for $20!)
My purse is my most favorite buy in a long time. I've been  meaning to showcase it for awhile, when I still wrote over at Megan Loves, actually.. I just kept forgetting. I had been seeing these D&B purses around the blogosphere for awhile and was envying hard-core. I finally decided that the next time I went into my favorite thrift store and they had some available, that I would just buy one. I found this perfect hunter green one, marked for $40.. but everything in the store was half off that day! It was destiny, I'm pretty sure. 

So, I was thinking earlier that it would be cool if I started carrying my camera with me to school and doing either weekly or bi-weekly "School Style" updates.. like a street style type thing. I see ssooo many girls at my school that have amazing fashion sense, so if I get up the nerve I'd like to start asking them to let me take their picture and posting them up here. But, one of the reasons why I've been absent for awhile is that my camera is so old, I'm getting ready to buy a new one, I just haven't been able to yet. But it's really annoying to use because it's so slow and doesn't take the greatest of pictures. So I think once I get a new camera I will not only be updating this more, but also doing some School Style segments. What do you think?? :) 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I normally never do this..

 I'm going to just say this.. Douglas isn't home, my tripod is falling to bits, and I'm in a hurry! So, here come the bathroom mirror pictures. hahah.
I'm really loving this outfit, though. I'm about to have a girls' night with my girl, Mary. I needed something cute and comfy for a night of drinks, food, and Beauty and the Beast 3d!! I'm sooo excited. haha. 
Also, I ventured onto another pair of tights, the olive green ones!! It's easy to pair colored tights when the color is in the pattern of your clothes.. But that's what I did. 

This was also my first time to actually properly blow dry my hair with a round brush and everything since my friend Kat did it at her salon after cutting it. I gotta say; I love the look of it, the curl at the end and the volume.. but I don't know how women spend that much time on their hair every day. ughhh. haha. I'm not a real girl, or something. 

Top: Empyre from Zumiez//Skirt: Poison Ivy from Ross (On sale for $2.50!!)//Tights: We Love Colors

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Ahead of Myself..Or..The Day I Wore too Many Flowers..

Like everyone else around here, I have to begin this post by saying that I wish I lived in a place where the weather was exactly like it was today, everyday. It was PERFECT. Okay, I had to get the out of the way.. 

I bought a whole bunch of different colored tights from We Love Colors, these light blue ones being a pair, but I've been having a hard time figuring out how to wear them. I feel.. weird. I don't know why. Purple tights I can wear with anything any time, but all these other colors I bought are just perplexing me, unfortunately. 
I do like how these look with this, but I know I kind of took the easy road out. They match the blue in my shirt almost perfectly. I don't know, I feel like I'm in Getting Dressed 101 at the moment. Forgive me. 

I also will never wear this skirt unless it's still chilly enough out to wear tights (I could have gone with bare legs today, but I wasn't ready for it.. haha), the slit in the front of this skirt is slightly scandalous, so I feel better about having that extra layer between myself and the elements.. hah. 

 Floral print everywhere! I love it so much, I even have it on my glasses. 
 And, even though I did wear the cardigan all day, I had a hidden surprise of extra color:
Purple tank, blue pink and purple shirt, and then blue tights. I was like cotton candy or something today. I know it's only February, now.. but it seriously felt like at least April today.. that's why I was getting ahead of myself.. I wanted to wear all my warm weather colors, and a tank top today. Oh, Spring.. *sigh*.

Anyway.. Time to do homework! yay! Have a great night. :)