Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Ahead of Myself..Or..The Day I Wore too Many Flowers..

Like everyone else around here, I have to begin this post by saying that I wish I lived in a place where the weather was exactly like it was today, everyday. It was PERFECT. Okay, I had to get the out of the way.. 

I bought a whole bunch of different colored tights from We Love Colors, these light blue ones being a pair, but I've been having a hard time figuring out how to wear them. I feel.. weird. I don't know why. Purple tights I can wear with anything any time, but all these other colors I bought are just perplexing me, unfortunately. 
I do like how these look with this, but I know I kind of took the easy road out. They match the blue in my shirt almost perfectly. I don't know, I feel like I'm in Getting Dressed 101 at the moment. Forgive me. 

I also will never wear this skirt unless it's still chilly enough out to wear tights (I could have gone with bare legs today, but I wasn't ready for it.. haha), the slit in the front of this skirt is slightly scandalous, so I feel better about having that extra layer between myself and the elements.. hah. 

 Floral print everywhere! I love it so much, I even have it on my glasses. 
 And, even though I did wear the cardigan all day, I had a hidden surprise of extra color:
Purple tank, blue pink and purple shirt, and then blue tights. I was like cotton candy or something today. I know it's only February, now.. but it seriously felt like at least April today.. that's why I was getting ahead of myself.. I wanted to wear all my warm weather colors, and a tank top today. Oh, Spring.. *sigh*.

Anyway.. Time to do homework! yay! Have a great night. :)


  1. I actually REALLY love those colored tights. And your rings too. You look great! :)

    xx Jessica

  2. I like the print and love your ballet flats? Follow each other?