Thursday, February 2, 2012

I normally never do this..

 I'm going to just say this.. Douglas isn't home, my tripod is falling to bits, and I'm in a hurry! So, here come the bathroom mirror pictures. hahah.
I'm really loving this outfit, though. I'm about to have a girls' night with my girl, Mary. I needed something cute and comfy for a night of drinks, food, and Beauty and the Beast 3d!! I'm sooo excited. haha. 
Also, I ventured onto another pair of tights, the olive green ones!! It's easy to pair colored tights when the color is in the pattern of your clothes.. But that's what I did. 

This was also my first time to actually properly blow dry my hair with a round brush and everything since my friend Kat did it at her salon after cutting it. I gotta say; I love the look of it, the curl at the end and the volume.. but I don't know how women spend that much time on their hair every day. ughhh. haha. I'm not a real girl, or something. 

Top: Empyre from Zumiez//Skirt: Poison Ivy from Ross (On sale for $2.50!!)//Tights: We Love Colors


  1. This is a great colour combo...I love the green tights with your purple outfit...and that skirt is amazing!

    Natasha ~

  2. great outfit...and i agree wid u on not being able to spend time on blow drying hair every day..i'd rather leave it natural..

  3. cute elephant!