Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jeans Times Two.

Yep. Goin' casual again. I wore this outfit yesterday for my first day back at school. :) I've always been the nerd that got excited about the first day of school. And my high school had block scheduling. So there were four classes one day, and a different four classes the next. It was like 2 first days every year! Yes, you may laugh now. 

There's just nothing like the feeling of picking out your first day outfit.. and getting to see friends you hadn't over the last three months. Of course, in college I don't have friends that I have a ton of classes with. but I still like picking out my outfit. I decided to go casual, though.. keep it easy. 

Tank Top:not sure?/T-Shirt:Canyon River Blues from Sear's (approx $4!)/Jeans:Empyre from Zumiez/Shoes:Mossimo from Target ($15!)/Necklace, Sunglasses and Owl Ring (can't really see that):Forever 21/Bracelets:Gift from my best friend/Clip-On Earrings:Claire's

I really feel like I need to work on detail shots, and my poses. I would like a better camera, but I know my pictures could already be much better if I just learned to 1.)slow down and not try to rush through it. and 2.)pay attention to the details, and figure out something better to do with my hands. hmmm.

Times when Douglas takes my pictures (like these.. thank you darling!) I feel the need to hurry, because he's doing me a favor and I don't want to waste a bunch of his time.. and when I use the tripod if I'm outside, I get nervous and embarrassed and want to hurry before anyone see me. Any tips?? :)


  1. Oh those shoes!!! They make any outfit superb! Hmmm... I am the opposite way! I tend to get more nervous when my hubby is taking my pics than when I am self taking them. I guess I would say... stop being so nervous love! Make a bunch of business cards and pass them out when people stop to see what you are doing! =D You be surprised at how many people will be genuinely interested!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  2. I always love picking out outfits for first days. I always pick out my outfit for work the night before. I love the oxford lace-ups and necklace- wonderful compliments to your outfit!

  3. Simple is always the easiest for school days for sure!

    xo Jennifer

    1. this is the perfect first day outfit! i love the colorblocking and your necklace. and those shoes are adorable!