Friday, January 13, 2012

Spring Dreaming...

So, here's the deal. I forgot my camera battery at home when we went on vacation. :( So, I don't have any pictures to share. But, that just means that I get to wear those outfits over again. haha. 
We had a really great time, though. Douglas got to meet some of my family, and my best friends, and see where I grew up. I'm so happy we were able to take our short, but fun and relaxing vacation. :) 
However, the weather was against us, and a cold front came through the night we got to Oklahoma City, it even snowed! But the next day we still walked around Bricktown for a bit, since he had never been, but we froze our tushes off. 
So, in lieu of outfit photos today.. I've been dreaming of warmer weather (already, I know) and decided to look up some Spring trends to look forward to. Here are my 3 favorite, and some easier, less expensive ways to get in on the trend. 

Favorite Spring Trend #1: Color Blocking

And my suggestion:
I found this cute little skirt on Lulu's website for only $34! :) I love the pattern of the colors, and the fact that it has pockets! Plus, the colors are perfect for spring. <3

Favorite Spring Trend #2: Bold Prints

And my suggestion:
I love this vintage dress I found on Smashion. It's super cute, and once again.. has perfect Spring colors. 

Favorite Spring Trend #3: Metallic Basics

And my Suggestion:

Leggings are always a basic, especially when it's not quite warm enough for bare legs in the early Spring. Also, if you're not ready to jump into a bright, metallic gold skirt or shirt.. these are an easy, subtle way to join in on this trend. I found these at Urban Outfitters.. and.. they're on sale! :)

So, there you have it, ladies. It doesn't have to be scary, or expensive to follow one, or a few, trends this upcoming season. I'm so looking forward to Spring!! What about your favorite Spring trends? What are you most excited about??


  1. I can't wait until Spring! I love the color-blocking trend, and I adore that skirt you shared from Lulu's, too cute! Glad you had a great trip. :)

    P.S. I nominated you for a blog award!

    xx Jessica

  2. Me too! I keep having to put back such darling outfit choices thinking "no save it for spring"! I love your first suggestion and the jacket in the first photo of the second trend! Wonderful!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  3. i know what you mean, I'm craving for warm weather because its suppose to be summer T_T! Lovin the colour blocking trend because i'm attracted to only bright colours haha nothing in my wardrobe is black. Thanks for sharing hun xoxo maybe we can be friends ~

    Love from the NANA girls