Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stripes & Plaid

Not gonna lie.. before I knew about and started getting in to the world of style/fashion blogging.. I would have never thought to put these two pieces together.. and I really loved clothes! I still don't think you're "technically" supposed to mix stripes and plaid, but I am in love with this look. To me, this is just a natural pairing! I think the neutral colors of the overall outfit help it to not look too busy. What do you think?

Plus, this is my favorite shirt, and favorite skirt. So I think that helped me to make this decision. I had seen this skirt on Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky a few times, and fell in love, so I sought out one of my own. I'm so glad I did. <3

 Today was my second day off in a row from work! Ahh joy. I needed all the extra time to get our apartment back into shape from the holidays, though. Whew. I got most of my checklist done, but I'm still not finished! I needed to take a break and get out there before the sun went down.
 I had Douglas help me take pictures today (thanks honey!), and they turned out much better. I either need to be shorter, or find a taller tripod, because the angles just never look quit right when I don't have someone taking pictures at eye level with me. Plus, it wasn't quite as windy. :)

Shirt: Really old?/Skirt: Forever 21/Shoes: Riot! from Ross/Tights: We Love Colors/Necklace: A Gift

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