Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Sprriiiiingg!

I'm sure you're sick of talking and hearing about the first day of Spring, but let me tell you something.. it is also Taco Tuesday. And first day of Spring or not, Douglas and I will be having some tacos for dinner. Don't you doubt that. He is actually figuring out our location for them as I type this. Are we on the same page, or what? 
It's actually been really nice, and then a huge storm came through last night leaving everything wet, and slightly cold. So I had to cover the legs back up a little bit with my lace tights. They're perfect when I'm not ready to expose my pasty skin to the world just yet. Also, I feel like I should have attempted to untangle my necklace a little bit, but......... oh well. :) So yeah. I'm getting myself back in the swing of things, so I hope to see you again tomorrow. Have a great evening.. Go get some Tacos!*

Cardigan: Forever 21/Top and Skirt: Thrifted/Tights: Urban Outfitters/Shoes: Forever 21/
Necklace: Christmas gift from my Aunt. 

*This post not sponsored by Tacos, although it should be.. Because we eat a lot of Tacos. 

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