Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Quick Hello. :)

One outfit shot for this evening. It's already late.. this has been such a busy day! I have my school folder in my picture with me, as you can see from it's bright blue cover, and my yellow cardigan, I don't shy away from colors. Except for the rest of my outfit, I guess. Haha. I just realized that. Black tank, white lace top and black jeans.. Oh well. I'm wearing my favorite new floral print tennis shoes. <3

A lot of exciting things are about to be happening for me, though. That's why this day was so busy. I'm in the Dietetic Technician program at the local community college.. I've been really into nutrition for the last couple of years, and once I found out that it could be a career path, I was sold. This is  my passion. So, I'm in my second semester, so I'm really starting to get involved with the Student Dietetic Organization and everything. 

My first cool thing is that our school is putting together a Nutrition Rocks! Day camp for elementary school age kids, we're doing classes and fun stuff to teach them basics about eating healthy and staying active. I'm co-teaching one of the classes. 
Then! I have a volunteer opportunity with the county food bank here, they're working with a national program through Share Our Strength, called Cooking Matters. It's a cross between nutrition ed, and a cooking class. I shadowed a teacher tonight, and the curriculum is awesome. It's a free program to local adults, and some families, and the people that were there tonight were interested in changing their lives. Some had serious health issues, and they've realized that eating healthy is going to help them out. Oh, it is so exciting! 

Anyway, that's a couple of things, other than school and work that are going to be taking up my time, but I'm still here! Promise! Have a good night, and a great weekend. :) 


  1. You look great!! And it's so wonderful that you have that passion. You're lucky. ;)

    xx Jessica